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Robie Robinson Wrote:

You're bringing back memories that have been in the FAR reaches of my mind! Just last week I was talking with my lady friend about some of the memories of The Pillsbury,The Flour of The Fleet. NPEP came to mind.

Does anyone remember the school of whales we encountered on the way to Station 4? We lay to for four days until they moved on.

Another memory--How about Capt. Fitzgerald? Little guy about 5 foot 4 thought that he could take on the Marine guard at the gate and got hauled back to the ship in the Black Mariah. I was on the Quarterdeck that night on Goat Island. and accompanied him up to his stateroom. He was drunker than a skunk.He asked me into the Wardroom for a drink. Change of Command Ceremony next day!!!!!He was only with us 3 months. One of the memorable things he did was ram the bow of the ship into the pier at Melville.Folded over 3 stanchions.

I was in Fox Div. being an FT so most of my memories are toward that part of the ship, working with the Sonarmen, Torpedo Mates, and Deck Div. TM2 named Carl Wallander was checking out the torpedo launcher one day when we were on Station 4 and it hit him in the face. Damn near killed him. He lay in a bunk in 1st div while we steamed to the Azores doing better than flank speed. I think we split 5 sleeves on the engines making speed, I recall .

I have several pictures of The Pill that were taken before and after the new search radar was installed. Right now I can't scan them but when I can, I'll get them online.

I know where several of my Fox Div friends are. Dana Armour,FT3 is in Mendon, Mass. and Lamar Senn, FT3 is in Grafton, WI.

It's strange what starts coming to mind at 0200 when you can't sleep:

Names I remember:

Washington--FT1 [Afro-American]
Vic Nolan--FT1
Chief Corpsman--"Doc" Harmon
Boats--Chief Kennedy-BM1
Moss-ship's barber
QM [or SM?]--Noz
Ensign Stan Larimer
AG Lynch & AG Turocy- sent up weather balloons
Ericson- BM1
Gary Garbett- GM2
"Dad" Goens- cook
Markert--baker-worked all night baking Bear Claws
Ortiz-Perez--worst cook in the Navy!
LTJG Jim Grau
"Sarge" Hollowell--TM2
McAfee ET1--ALWAYS had a cup of coffee in his hand
Harry Treuer ET3
I'll remember others More later as it comes to mind-----

Robinson,R.O. 467-08-83 FT2P1

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