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Pillsbury Patch

USS Pillsbury DE/DER-133

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Jim Mauk ME3 & John Putnam
Mauk & Putnam
Pillsbury & Sister Ships At Goat Island R. 
Pillsbury at Goat Island R. I.
LCdr Harward & Guests on Signal 
LCdr Harward
Sea Detail Under BMC Kennedy
Sea Detail
Portside From the Bridge Sailors 
Portside from bridge

LCdr Harward Ships Captain Aug 1957
LCdr Harward Aug 57
Ltjg Grau & Capt Harward
Ltjg Grau & Capt Harward
Ltjg Grau Eng Officer
Ltjg Grau Eng Offficer
Ass't Eng. Officer, Ens? & Jim Mauk
IC3 Moore
Henry Shnur ? & Jim Mauk
Henry Schnur & Jim Mauk
Jim Mauk with guns
Jim Mauk
Elmer Fredd in GITMO
Elmer Fredd ETSN
Dick Northcutt PF3
Dick Northcutt PF3
Happy Shipfiters - Dick Northcutt & Jim 
Dick NorthCutt & Jim Mauk
Air Field GITMO Cuba

Heading home from GITMO
Pillsbury's Main Mast
Pillsbury's main mast
Jim Mauk amidship in GITMO
Jim Mauk Gitmo
Dick Charity Ships Cook
Dick Charity - Cook
Jerry Rose GM2 & Jim mauk grab assing
Jerry Rose & Jim Mauk
Vasquez & Jim Mauk
Vasquez & Jim Mauk
Jerry Rose GM2 & Jim mauk The North 
Jerry Rose & Jim Mauk
On the fantail looking forward portside
Masts from fantail
Masts from fantail
Unknown carrier in Portsmouth, England
Portsmouth, England
Shumate Eng. Officer
Mr Shumate, Eng. Officer
Starboard Side
Starboard Side

"Old Tom" Blake EN1
Chasing Subs
Chasing Subs
Waiting for mail & movies, from a YAGR 
Pickett Ship
YAGR - Wating for mail & Movies

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Ships Dependent Cruise Invitation Letter

Dependents Cruise 1958
other letters and
Ships History
Compliments of
James Mauk ME3

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USS Pillsbury DER-133 Welcome Aboard Pamphlet 1957
USS Pillsbury's 1957 Welcome Aboard Pamphlet

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