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Memories Page Ten

USS Pillsbury DE/DER-133

Memories Mike Corvo RM3

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Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 1:41 PM
Subject: Pillsbury...Radio

You made me a Radioman in Jan 1957....I don't know if you remember me.

Mike Corvo RM3

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Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005
Subject: Pillsbury...Radio


I left the Pills. the latter part of Feb. '57 and it has been a very long time and sorry to say: I can't seem to remember you. I seem to remember a person coming up from the "Deck" gang and wanting to be a radioman and gave him a "try out". Were you the one ??

I'll give you a run down of what happen to me after the Pillsbury: Me and my hard head decided to get out of the navy after all that NE Atlantic duty and my wife {didn't try to talk me out of it} let me make up my own mine. Now I know it was a big mistake, but I lived over it.

We took a trip to Oregon and Washington. In Or. we stayed a couple weeks with a CBM Willie Ball} who was a Navy Recrutor. {{Willie was aboard ship with my brother during WW11 and I did duty with him while in Pensacola and his wife would stay with us when he went to sea, He went to LDO school at NewPort, RI and his wife and daughter stayed with us at Otis AFB, Mass. while he was in school}} Now, back to the story::: Willie tried to talk me into returning to the Navy but I had made up my mine to try the USAF. I joined the AF there in Portland, Or. and was assigned; with equivalent rank as RM1c which was a Techicnal Sergent and carried all my service time with me. At first I was NCOIC of the telephone switch board and later was NCOIC of the base comm. squadron. {{NCOIC is non- commission officer in charge}},

Well--the AF started cross-training a lot of people and I was one of them but could make a choice {because of my test scores} so I choose aircraft-instruments. Went to Rantoole, Ill. and set around there for two months before the class started and most of us were the equivelent of Chief, 1st Class and 2nd Class, which were MSGT, TSGT and SSGT. and if I remember right, all of us had over 10 years in the service.

After school, I went to Otis AFB, Mass. from '59 thru '65. I was a section chief for about 3 years and then I became the NCOIC instrument shop. AND THEN-- Vietnam, here I come !! Spent 368 days in that place and returned to the US in Sept. '66 and was assigned to England AFB, Louisiana and was the NCOIC of the instrument shop. (Good old AF--after about 3 months in Vietman I found out I had made MSGT.) As soon as I got my stripes, the other MSGT left for the States and I remained NCOIC of the instrument shop the rest of the time I was there. In the mean time:

I had all kinds of trouble with my ears and went down to Kessler AFB, Miss. to have my hearing checked, several times, and they finally decided I was loosing my hearing and I was directed to choose another career field where I would have less noise; SO; I became a First Sergeant of a training squadron which had (off and on) 430 enlisted men and 46 officers. I was 1sgt. of two different squadrons and finally decided to retire, which I did in March 1971. After I put in my retirement papers, about 5 months later they alerted me to go to Vietnam again and I told them to _ _ _ _ _ _. The personnel sergeant informed me I was the senior 1sgt and I would have to go and suggested I pull my retirement papers. Guess you know what I informed him he could do. Any how, I got on the horn and called a personnel friend of mine who was in over-seas assignments and infomed him of the situation and he told me not to worry about it. Anyhow, I retired in '71, without going back to Vietnam.

I worked for the Dept. of Labor about 4 years and looking over my taxes, with both our incomes, I was just about paying the govt. to work, so I let that job go. I taught small engine repair {night extention classes} for eighteen years until the VoTech school went to a Jr. College and required a degree, so I let them have that, too, and really retired. I have been teaching hunter education for 21 years for the Ark. Game and Fish Comm. I'm known as the class orginazor and have been doing that for 16 of the 21 years, BUT, I'm in the process of turning it over to another instructor. (He is a retired Lt. Col. from the Army).

My wife was a RN and worked at the base hosp. there in Newport. She also worked at the base hosp. at Otis AFB, Mass. When I arrived at England AFB, La. she worked there a short while and then went to Cincinnati for anesthetist school and that is what she has done ever since. Up to a couple years ago she was registered and worked in 4 states but now she only works at one hospital and works with two doctors, she the only one at the hosp. doing the anesthesia for eye repairs.

Our son is working for the University of Ark. at Little Rock in computors. Been at it for 18 years.

We decided to stop buying or renting someone else's property and bought 5.3 acres just out side of the city limits and built a 3 bedroom house back in 1986 and moved into it the day before Xmas-at that time. The town is El Dorado, Ark. and in the center of the state and 17 miles {as the crow flys} from the Louisiana line.

About all for now Mike, so let me hear from you. Hope this wasn't to boring for you and tell me which division you came from to the radio shack How long did you stay in the navy and what have you been doing all these years and where do you live ?

My regards:

Bill Voorhies RM1

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Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:32 AM
Subject: This keeps getting better

Here is a list of names and corrections:

(Pat) Tavermina RM3
C. Howell--- BM3
? Chalk--- BM3
Jerry Gratton --- SN3
Jerry Lemonds--- RM3
Robt Mueller--- RM3
Scott (Scotty)--- RM3
John Walters--- RMSN
John Simms--- SN3
Ens. Richard Schriger--- Communications Officer
Ens. Roland--- Engineering Officer
LTJG Vic Tetrault--- Ops/Div Officer
Leon Schnur--- RD3
John Boyle--- BMSN
Rex (?)--- QMSN
(Earl) Hespenheide--- RM3
Michael Corvo--- RM3

These came through my head during the night. I will come up with more, I'm sure. I'm sorry to hear about Harry Treuer. Wasn't there a "Woody" who was an ET?

48 years is quite some time...especially at our try to remember. Didn't get much sleep over this. But I'm enjoying the hell out of it!


Mike Corvo RM3

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